Pet Clauses In Tenancy Agreements Nz

At the request of a tenant or former tenant who participates in or who participated in a fixed-term tenancy agreement of more than 90 days, the court may order the renewal or renewal of that tenancy agreement on all conditions that the court deems possible only if the court is satisfied that nothing is applicable to a tenancy agreement in Part 4 of the Property Rights Act 2007 to whom this law applies. the start date of a new lease of the premises, – A tenant of premises that were and remain at the beginning of the lease, illegal real estate buildings can terminate the lease by terminating the lease to the landlord at least two days in advance. Housing New Zealand Corporation or a registered municipal housing provider (a housing provider) is the owner of apartment buildings under a lease agreement; and the lessor must not have authorized the tenant to remain in possession or have waived the right of collection under this Act with respect to a breach of the tenant`s obligations, simply because the lessor accepts the payment of the rent for a period after the termination of the lease. Section 13 of the Main Act (as is the case immediately prior to the effective date of this section) continues to apply to all leases that began before December 1, 1996 until the termination or renewal of the lease, despite the repeal of paragraph 1 of this section. Prior to the commencement of the proceedings, the court made a decision on the termination of a lease agreement effective on the date or after the start of the contract (whether or not the order covers other matters); and for the purposes of this Act, the market rent for each tenancy agreement is rent, which, regardless of the personal circumstances of the lessor or tenant, could reasonably expect to obtain a willing landlord, and a willing tenant could reasonably expect to pay for the lease, given the general amount of rents (excluding income-related rents within the meaning of Section 2 (1) of the Public and Community Housing Management Act 1992 for comparable leases in comparable premises in the locality or in comparable premises in similar locations and other matters deemed relevant by the court. The manager can act according to paragraph 1 without the tenant`s consent and despite the tenant`s agreement and even if the tenancy agreement has been terminated. The lease was awarded in violation of the subsection (2A); and to the extent that the amount owed to the lessor is not fully repaid in accordance with the subsection (2), the lessor may request repayment of this amount for a loan held in the residential rent sequester with respect to the rental agreement, in accordance with sections 22, 22A or 22B. If, in the case of a tenancy agreement or other tenancy agreement in which the lessor is the tenant`s employer, a pension ends 48 hours after the death of a single tenant under the tenancy agreement. the Tribunal is satisfied that, given the nature of the lease, the terms of the lease, the interests of the parties and all other relevant circumstances of the case, inconsistency, exclusion, amendment or limitation should be admitted. A landlord does not require a loan payment of more than 4 weeks of rent to be paid legally under the lease. For the purposes of paragraph (b) of the definition of service rent in subsection 1, two companies are associated where one is or partly owned by the other.