Directv Landlord Agreement

Landowners have two billing and service options. 1. With the Direct-to-Home option, DIRECTV directly allows residents to program packages, equipment and upgrades. Residents are also responsible for all contracts and agreements. 2. By choosing the bulk option, building owners pay for a basic programming package at a reduced cost, allowing them to offer their residents a lower group rate. Residents are responsible for upgrades, additional equipment, etc. Do you want to enhance your apartment without having to jump for the cost of renovating the pool or adding a gym? Contact DIRECTV today at 1-866-949-9417 to contact DIRECTV D2 Advantage™. For more information online, you can also go to There, you can start the qualification process by providing some information about your property. Whether looking for a new home or a home away from home, the typical tenant will put enough television at the top of the list of favorite amenities.

Fortunately for homeowners and managers, DIRECTV makes it easy to get #1 America`s satellite TV service for apartments, condominiums and other rental properties. For smaller properties, DIRECTV DIRECTV D2 offers ADVANTAGE™ LITE. It is ideal for buildings with less than 20 units. This product meets the specific needs of housing, condominiums and other rental communities. It also provides relief from the visual disorder of the satellite dishes that spring from each unit, as it uses a centralized distribution system that only needs one bowl per building. Apart from aesthetic value, DIRECTV D2 advantage™ offers many other benefits such as: