Right Of First Refusal Agreement Template

The waiving or non-exercise by either party of a right under this agreement is not considered to be a waiver of another right or remedy to which the party may be entitled. 4. The rights granted to the fellow under this agreement are personal to the fellow. As a result, the beneficiary may not otherwise sell, transfer or transfer the rights conferred on him by this contract without the prior written consent of the owner, as consent may be improperly or arbitrarily refused. The seller undertakes to grant the purchaser a right of first refusal or first option to purchase real estate in accordance with the terms of this agreement; and this evaluation list is available to inform you of the document in question and help you produce it. A first right to refuse property, business or anything else is often of great value to the owner. This agreement may be attached to other agreements or signed at the same time as they are concluded on the same date. (c) In the event that each stock exchange chooses not to purchase or refuse the proposed merchandise, the owner may accept the offer and continue the sale of the proposed products, but only at the price and according to the terms of the offer, provided that the transaction in the offer is not completed within twenty (20) days after the expiry of the last day when the Grantee has the right to give an intention to purchase. , the owner cannot then sell the proposed products unless they are again in compliance with the provisions of this agreement. TERM AND EXTENSION: The duration of this contract is – years from that date. This contract may be extended for other years by paying the seller an additional amount of – to the seller before the original term expires. The buyer wishes to obtain a right of first refusal or first option for the acquisition of certain real estate held by the seller; and if you run a tightly managed private company, protect your interests with a Private Equity Rights of First Refusal.