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Depending on the characteristics of the cargo decided to assume the ship, it determine the structure of the transport system. CoSCO SHIPPING Lines (Europe) Company, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, was established in February 1989 as an entity of COSCO Europe Company. On January 11, 2017, the name bee We improve the customer experience with technical support services from an intermediate station. These include advanced approaches for optimizing speed, speed and machinery, as well as for the container fleet. Firdtjof Rohde, CSO of Marorka, explains the MoU philosophy: “The strategic partnership reflects the fact that a sophisticated energy management system has become a competitive factor. Even in times of low bunker prices, reducing energy consumption is very important for business profitability. We offer shipowners the best solutions for their shipbuilding plans COSCO Shipping Lines has selected Marorka as the preferred supplier of energy management solutions aboard its operational fleet because of its sophisticated algorithms and current pay balance. COSCO Shipping Lines signs a fleet contract with Marorka Shanghai, December 15, 2016 – COSCO Shipping Lines and Marorka have signed a fleet contract (December 2, 2016) that marks an important milestone for the Chinese shipping giant with the use of Marorka`s energy management solutions and operational performance aboard its modern container fleet. Our high-performance antifouling coatings increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions from COSCO Shipping Lines has selected Marorka as the preferred supplier of energy management solutions to its operating fleet through its sophisticated algorithms and current balance. “We are pleased to have verified the fuel savings resulting from Marorka solutions on board the pilot vessels before we opted for fleet development,” said Hou Li Ping, Deputy Managing Director of COSCO Shipping Lines. We deliver marine fuel to all major ports in the world MOU`s COSCO Shipping Lines on the STRATEGIC working relationship COSCO Shipping Lines and Marorka recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (December 2, 2016) to establish a strategic working relationship.

Both parties will promote and develop greater efficiency in the energy management and operational performance of COSCO Shipping Lines` container fleet, with a particular focus on all new constructions and other selected classes. The company is a joint venture, COSCO SHIPPING Energy Transportation Co., Ltd owns 80% of the company and COSCO SHIPPING (Europe) GmbH owns 20%. The company began operating in March 2017. C Chimbusco Europe B.V. was renamed in June 2008 after the original name of Sino-Union BV, founded in 1989 in the Netherlands. Chimbusco Europe B.V. is now the subsidiary of COSCO Shipp The signing ceremony took place on 2 December 2016. Dignitaries attended the conference, including former Icelandi President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, Iceland`s Ambassador to China Ragnar Baldursson and a delegation from COSCO and SMDERI. An important aspect of cooperation is to increase the effectiveness of responding to technical and operational demands. That`s why Marorka, in collaboration with its local partner SMDERI, has set up a training and service centre in Shanghai to provide technical services and know-how to the management of the crew and the shore.