Iron Ore Processing (Mineralogy Pty. Ltd.) Agreement Act 2002

2. Each project proposal deals with the implementation and operation of the project concerned and provides, where appropriate, provisions for the company`s workforce, which are necessary to enable the promoters of the production to extract, recover and process the iron ore, and includes the site – area, layout, design, quantities, materials and time schedule for the start and completion of construction or the provision (as applicable) of each of the following questions, if and how they apply to the project, namely – All Mineralogy projects are developed under the Act 2002 agreement and iron ore processing (Mineralogy Pty) Ltd. Mineralogy is supported by the Government of Western Australia to develop mulitple projects under these laws. “iron ore concentrates,” iron ore mined by proponents of the project under this agreement and concentrated on at least 65%; (i) the degradation and concentration of iron ore in Area A (as defined below); The company is more advanced to set up other projects with its current activities of exploration and development of its remaining iron ore reserves in the Pilbara. (a) “agreed or established” between the company and the Minister if the Minister has agreed to the company within three months; After informing the entity that it requires that the value of a set of guidelines be agreed upon or determined, as defined by the Minister, and in the agreement or establishment of a reasonable and reasonable market value of these contributions assessed on a specific basis, the company and/or the Minister take into account the predominant markets and prices for high-quality accuracy, suitable for Fe content, both outside and within the Commonwealth; (ii) the processing of this iron ore primarily as magnetization in Region A or elsewhere in the Pilbara region, mainly for the production and sale of high-quality pellets, iron and/or hot briquettes or hot steels; 5. Can the company do so without seriously affecting or affecting its operation in the context of this sub-activity and subject to the payment of the company`s fees for the transport of passengers and the transport of persons by that railway, and subject to other requirements and conditions; the company is required (or if these statutes are not in force at this time, subject to the payment of such royalties and the correct compliance with such requirements and conditions, as provided for in both cases, taking into account the costs to the construction and operating company of that railway) if and if this is reasonably necessary to transport passengers and transport the cargo of the State and third parties (excluding iron ore or third-party railways) by the railways mentioned). , but with respect to the use of these railways, the company is not considered a common air carrier under the law or in any other way. (iii) transport of magnetite concentrates and processed iron ore within the Pilbara region; 2. Regardless of what is included in or under or under or under paragraph 1, society and supporters remain responsible, at all times during the currency of this Agreement, for the correct and timely performance and compliance with all agreements and agreements relating to their parties contained in this Agreement. Agreement and in any grant facility lease or other title that is the subject of a sublease mortgage assignment or disposition according to the piece (1) provided that the Minister may agree to lay off the company or a co-partisan, as may be the case of such liability, if the Minister considers that such release is not in contradiction with the interests of the state. ” (4) If the iron ore comes from a mining lease within the meaning of the agreement ratified by the iron ore processing (Mineralogy Pty.